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We are Link R US

Big Data Solutions

Real-world experience and examples to help organizations to understand how they can use Big Data to gain new business insights ...

We are Link R US

Business Intelligence

Support effective decision-making with practical intelligence derived from reliable data, delivered through our Intelligence solutions.

We are Link R US

Data Warehouse Design and Improvement

We have vast experience in the design, implementation and optimization of data warehouse.Our services offer a range of features all ...


Northern VA area based company, specializes in Informatica, Big Data, EMC Greenplum and Oracle. We strongly believe in this software segment and invest a majority of our operating budget in developing expertise in these segments. We are adept and experienced in deploying both strategic, and tactical, reporting solutions on data warehouse (and application) databases built in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and EMC Greenplum.

Federal Consulting

Link R US provides professional services that empower Government clients to address tomorrow’s challenges through better alignment of technology with their mission and business objectives.

Data Warehouse Architecture Service

 We help our clients achieve superior performance by fully realizing the potential of technology and processes, across several platforms. Our services include: Data Modeling, ETL Development, Performance Tuning, Data quality   ...

BI and Big Data Solutions

Link R US provides consulting services field of Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing (DW) and Big Data solutions. We use Big Data to gain new business insights as well as ...

IT services for Small Business

We provide Enterprise level architecture and vison for the small business. We help small business to take IT decision more diligently based on the their needs and industry trends.

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